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Why does the compound film have to be stored for a certain period of time before it can be used

Writer:adminTime:2019-07-30 10:17
Mixing rubber produced by hebei fengye rubber co., ltd. will be placed in a specific factory for a certain period of time after quality inspection before being supplied to our customers. Why should it be kept for a certain period of time? Won't it take time?

In fact, there are four purposes for the storage of mixing rubber film after cooling: 1. (2) reduce the shrinkage of rubber; (3) make the compound continue to spread in the parking process to promote uniform dispersion; (4) the rubber and carbon black can be further formed to combine rubber and improve reinforcing effect.
The mixed rubber produced by hebei fengye makes you rest assured, because we will check it again after it is placed, and it will be supplied to our customers after it is completely qualified, so you can rest assured to buy it. Our hotline is 13932297611.
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