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What type of mixture is acceptable

Writer:adminTime:2019-07-30 10:29
Mixing rubber is not produced at random and directly supplied to customers for use. Fengye rubber's requirements for mixing rubber are well-known and strict in the industry. Our qualified mixing rubber must meet the following conditions.

(1) the compound is evenly dispersed to avoid agglomeration.

(2) make the rubber with a specific viscosity, burning value, to ensure the safety and smooth progress of each process.

(3) make the raw rubber and reinforcing agent produce a certain amount of combined rubber, which has a good reinforcing effect. The reinforcing agents mainly include CB, SiO2. NH2O (white carbon black).

(4) on the premise of ensuring the quality of the mixing compound, the mixing time should be shortened as far as possible to reduce power consumption and avoid over-refining.
Feng ye rubber mixing rubber let you rest assured to buy.
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