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The technological conditions of the mixer for mixing process

Writer:HeiBei FengYeTime:2019-07-30 10:25:14
Although many people do not know what a mixer is, they certainly know what a mixer is. It is necessary to know that the production of mixing rubber is inseparable from the mixer. Therefore, there are requirements for the mixer's technological conditions.

Mixing rubber

(1) weight tolerance of raw rubber and various ingredients.

(2) loading capacity, that is, filling coefficient.

(3) feeding sequence of the chamber. Most mixes are divided into three sections, identifying the raw materials added to each section.

(4) mixing time.

(5) mixing rubber discharge temperature.

(6) pressure of upper bolt.

(7) rotor speed of mixer.

(8) the storage time and temperature of the mixing compound. The required storage time is for the purpose of fully dispersing the various additives.

(9) the pressure and temperature of the inlet of cooling water, and the temperature difference between the outlet temperature and the inlet water temperature, the inlet temperature is 25±2℃, the greater the pressure, the greater the flow rate. If the water temperature is too low, it is easy to form water droplets in the refining room, and the compounding agent is easy to form groups, the temperature is too high, and the cooling effect is not good.
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