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Temperature requirement of mixing rubber

Writer:adminTime:2019-07-30 10:21
Fengye rubber production has always been strict, especially for mixing rubber, because mixing rubber requirements for temperature is very important, the following details for you to explain the mixing rubber requirements for temperature.
Mixing rubber

Before preforming and molding, it should be heated on a clean smelting machine. Do not need to make thin pass during hot smelting, the rubber material becomes soft and rolls are well formed, then it can be out. Do not overlap the newly produced glue materials. Cool them to room temperature before overlapping.

Pre-molding: according to the mold and product requirements, the film into the size, shape and reset consistent pre-molding, mixing rubber in the pre-molding process to guard against possible pollution. Next: the oil seal compound in the fluororubber mixing compound series has been fully considered in the manufacture of the continuity with the metal framework, the surface treatment of the metal framework is necessary, such as phosphating or sandblasting.

Die pressing: die should be chrome plated or hard. When the mold is pressed, spray the release agent on the mold to get a better release effect. The mold pressure temperature of mixing rubber is 160℃ ~ 190℃, and the molding time is generally 3 ~ 7 minutes, depending on the thickness of the product.

Vulcanization: fluororubber products are vulcanized in two stages to achieve optimal physical and chemical properties. The normal curing condition is 230℃@16 ~ 24H. If the parts are connected with the metal, it is recommended that 200℃@16 ~ 24H. The secondary curing oven should have a blast device to mix the rubber so as to maintain a uniform and constant temperature and timely discharge the volatile matter of secondary curing.

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