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Storage requirements for rubber products

Writer:adminTime:2019-07-30 10:31
Rubber is a kind of thing that feels to have flexibility, that its heat bilge cold to contract how to do, this needs to store up rubber products well, ability assures it won't change, peak course of study rubber has strict requirement to the store up of rubber products.

1. Light: avoid sunlight and strong artificial light source containing ultraviolet. Uv - resistant packaging provides the best protection. It is recommended to apply red or orange paint or film to the Windows of the warehouse.
2. Humidity: the relative humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70%, avoid being too humid or too dry, and no condensation can occur.
3. Contact with metallic or non-metallic materials: do not contact magnetic materials, cast iron, copper and its alloys, or materials containing rubber that may be damaged. Do not use PVC to package seals. Seals of different materials shall not be mixed.
4. Radiation: avoid the damage of ionizing radiation to rubber products.
5. Oxygen and ozone: rubber materials should be avoided from exposure to circulating air. This can be done by wrapping, winding, storing in airtight containers or by other suitable means. Ozone is harmful to most elastomers. The following equipment should be avoided in the warehouse: mercury vapor lamp, high-voltage electrical equipment, electric motor, etc.
6. Temperature: 5-25℃ is an ideal storage temperature. Avoid contact with heat source and sunlight. Rubber products taken out from low temperature storage should be placed in an environment of 20℃ before use.
7. Contact with liquid or semi-solid materials: do not contact with solvents, oils, fats or other semi-solid materials.
8. Deformation: rubber parts should be placed in a free state as far as possible to avoid tension, compression or other deformation.
9. Cleaning: wash the seals with soap and water as needed. However, water should not touch the fiber-reinforced seals, rubber metal bonding seals and AU material seals. Disinfectant, organic solvent and sharp edge tools should not be used. After cleaning the rubber products should be dried at room temperature, not close to the heat source.
Peak industry rubber strict requirements, to ensure that our customers buy rest assured
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