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A two-stage plasticizing of a compound

Writer:adminTime:2019-07-30 10:47
"Thousands of hammer chisel out of the mountains" is not easy to lime plasticizing, and although we do not need a mixture of rubber "thousands of hammer chisel", but also through two sections of plasticizing, so what do these two sections of plasticizing specifically refer to?
Mixing rubber

A section of plasticizing: break the raw rubber with 0.5~1mm roll distance, thin through the plate, so repeated to the specified time or times. Generally 10~15min, depending on the specific requirements of the appropriate increase or decrease in the time, and then triangle bag, parking 4~8h cooling, waiting for the second stage of plasticizing or use.

Second stage plasticizing: after a section of plasticizing rubber bag roll, adjust the roll distance to 5mm, cut and pour the raw rubber continuously from left to right and right to left for more than three times or until the specified time. If the continuous plasticizing with a section is 5min, the second section is 10-15min, and then the next section is cooled and left for more than 4h for mixing and reserve. Conventional roll temperature of about 45℃, plastic requirements above 0.45.

Note: low hardness (below 50°) rubber raw rubber (including other rubber seeds) plasticizing needs to be divided into two to three stages, if it is a second stage plasticizing, carry out two stages of plasticizing; If it is a three-stage plasticizer, two one-stage plasticizers and one two-stage plasticizer are used. Between each section, the rubber material should be stored for more than 4h to cool, to ensure the plasticization of the raw rubber and the dispersion of the mixing agent.
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