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Notes before use of rubber sheet for rubber shaped parts

Writer:HeiBei FengYeTime:2019-07-30 08:51:30
The company is a professional company providing mixing rubber manufacturers, rubber seals and other products and services, why don't you understand the rubber structure? This article on this aspect of the content to give you a specific introduction, let's take a look at the following "rubber board use before the attention of rubber structure why is not the same"
Notes before use of rubber parts rubber board rubber structure why not the same

Peak industry special-shaped pieces of rubber is that kind of professional in view of the irregular shape specially made of rubber products, can have device sealing effect, but as a result of for products, some products need insulation rubber, and insulation rubber sheet, insulating rubber sheet is made under a lot of pressure, all in the beginning is very unstable, rubber easy expansion or retraction, so before use, must go through a period of remission, may only be used or because of its expansion or retraction, cause not the right size. How to store insulating rubber sheets? Above all, cannot let the board be irradiated by the sun directly, and the storehouse that stores rubber board also cannot dank, want below dry environment, maintain ventilated even. The specific place is more than 20cm away from the ground and the wall, and must be away from heat and some chemical substances, to avoid damage. Have the kind that is rubber board again is different, do not store together, because sulfide kind main body is different, the temperature range of its molding cure, also have quite difference, can change because of climate even, indoor temperature and humidity place is affected. Thus changed some of its composition, so be sure to properly store rubber sheet.

Feng ye rubber, professional rubber seal manufacturers, professional customization of all kinds of rubber products, rubber seals, stamping metal, mixing rubber, automobile accessories, plastic products, railway bridge accessories and other rubber, rubber board before use matters need attention welcome customers to consult and cooperate!
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Segment: aggregation of branches of rubber macromolecular chains to form a gel. Gelatine is unfavorable to the performance and processing of insulating rubber board. In the mixing of rubber, a variety of additives are often not into the gel zone, forming a local blank, the formation of reinforcement and crosslinking, become the weak part of the product.

Linear construction: the general construction of unvulcanized rubber. Because of its large molecular weight, the macromolecular chain is a random curve cluster without external force. When the external force is applied and the external force is removed, the entanglement degree of the line group changes, and the molecular chain bounces, generating a strong recovery tendency. This is the origin of the high elasticity of rubber.

Branch chain structure: aggregation of the branches of rubber macromolecular chains to form a gel. Gels are bad for rubber properties and processing. In the mixing of rubber, a variety of additives are often not into the gel zone, forming a local blank, the formation of reinforcement and crosslinking, become the weak part of the product.

Crosslinked structure: linear molecules are connected to each other through a bridge of atoms or groups, forming a three-dimensional network. As the curing process progresses, the structure is strengthened. In this way, chain segment free movement ability decreases, plasticity and elongation decrease, strength, elasticity and hardness increase, compression permanent variable rubber plate rubber structure why not the same and swelling degree decreases.

Above the introduction of the content is about "rubber plate before using the matters needing attention", presumably we read our introduction, also on this aspect of the content has a sufficient understanding. In addition to this, in other articles, we have also introduced mixing rubber manufacturers,mixing rubber content, please pay attention!

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