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Mixing rubber products storage rubber development

Writer:adminTime:2019-07-30 10:45
Do you know about "storage of rubber products"? Today, gaobeidian fengye rubber products co., ltd. to introduce to you is the content of this aspect, I hope you through the introduction of this article, you can have a certain understanding and understanding of the storage of rubber products and other aspects of the content, the following look at the relevant introduction:
Mixing rubber products storage rubber development

Peak industry special-shaped pieces of rubber is that kind of professional in view of the irregular shape specially made of rubber products, can have device sealing effect, but as a result of for products, some products need insulation rubber, and insulation rubber sheet, insulating rubber sheet is made under a lot of pressure, all in the beginning is very unstable, rubber easy expansion or retraction, so before use, must go through a period of remission, may only be used or because of its expansion or retraction, cause not the right size. How to store insulating rubber sheets? Above all, cannot let the board be irradiated by the sun directly, and the storehouse that stores rubber board also cannot dank, want below dry environment, maintain ventilated even. The specific place is more than 20cm away from the ground and the wall, and must be away from heat and some chemical substances, to avoid damage. Have the kind that is rubber board again is different, do not store together, because sulfide kind main body is different, the temperature range of its molding cure, also have quite difference, can change because of climate even, indoor temperature and humidity place is affected. Thus changed some of its composition, so be sure to properly store rubber sheet.

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More attention: how to check the insulation rubber board

According to literature, these balls are so resilient that visiting spaniards once thought they were possessed by evil spirits. Rubber is also used as a strap to fasten wooden handles to stone or metal utensils, and as filler for handles.

Mayans can use rubber to make shoes. Although the native americans did not vulcanize rubber as formally as modern humans, they were able to use organic matter for similar purposes, such as mixing raw emulsions with the SAP of different species or the SAP of some vines.

Some indigenous brazilians use rubber to make waterproof fabrics. There had been reports of Portuguese men bringing them back to their home countries, who had frightened their fellow countrymen and had been tried for witchcraft.

When rubber was introduced to Britain, it was found to be very effective in erasing pencil marks. So now the English word for rubber is also used to describe an eraser. Interestingly, americans today are used to refer to rubber as an eraser or a condom.

Germany tested rubber from these plants during world war ii, when rubber supplies were cut off, but later switched to artificial rubber. At first rubber trees were good in South America, but by artificial transplantation, there are now many rubber trees in southeast Asia.

In fact, Asia has become the most important source of rubber. Rubber made from ginkgo gum can reduce sensitivity. Although more than half of rubber today is artificial, natural rubber is still very important in some fields, such as automobile and military industries.
Above the introduction of a few points is about "the storage of rubber products rubber development", I believe that after reading the introduction of this article, will have their own understanding of this aspect, after the storage of rubber products and other problems can be very good solution. Here, we recommend you to know more, food grade rubber tee and other relevant information, hope to help you!

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